Everytime I try to search something, i get either no results or the wrong results.

Phunware Support -

The issue you are experiencing is a known problem, and we are working diligently toward getting it resolved. Once this issue has been fixed, an update will be published to the App Store, at which point we will contact you with instructions. In the meantime, if you are unable to view shows after attempting to search; use the following to reset the app:

Press the Home button on your device to exit the app
Double tap the home button to bring apps that running in the background
You should see FUNimation, once you do, press and hold your finger over the app until it starts shaking
There should be a red ' - ' symbol in the corner of the app, press that symbol to completely close the app
Press the Home button on your device again to exit the background monitor
Relaunch the app, and it should be restored to its starting state

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