How long does it take to write a horoscope?

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Susan says that crafting her horoscopes can take varying amount of time, depending on what needs to be said about the particular sign in question, for the particular month, day, or week she is examining. If a sign has been feeling stress, Susan will write more, and give more specific information to the sign for navigating through the difficulties. Astrology Zone monthlies takes her seven hours per sign to write, not including the summaries that appear below the main report, while daily horoscopes can take a bit less time. For her Sunday daily forecast on her app, Susan studies the entire week ahead, and points out specific key dates for the reader to use. She does this so that her readers can plan their schedules to maximum advantage. Following the proper horoscope writing procedure, Susan always starts writing for the first sign of the zodiac, Aries (first sign of spring), and ends her manuscripts with the last sign, Pisces (last sign of winter).

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